Apache Kafka Series – KSQL for Stream Processing – Hands On!

Apache Kafka Series – KSQL for Stream Processing – Hands On!
Apache Kafka Series – KSQL for Stream Processing – Hands On!

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Use SQL on Apache Kafka with Confluent KSQL! Build an entire taxi booking application based on KSQL stream processing

The latest release in the Apache Kafka Series!

Confluent KSQL has become an increasingly popular stream processing framework built upon Kafka Streams. It enables developers to write real-time stream processing applications with the ease of SQL. No Kafka Streams knowledge required!

For this course, I have partnered with KSQL expert Simon Aubury to bring you the ultimate KSQL course.

We’ll take a project based approach for this course. You’ll learn all the most important KSQL features by gradually building a KSQL taxi booking application!

  • KSQL Setup
  • KSQL Command Line
  • Streams with CSV, JSON and AVRO
  • Use the KSQL-Datagen utility
  • Manipulate streams
  • Create Tables
  • Perform Joins
  • Advanced KSQL: Rekeying, Merging Streams, Windowing, Geospatial
  • Extending KSQL: UDF & UDAF
  • Moving to Production
  • KSQL Operations

Note: To best enjoy this course, a Mac or Linux machine is preferred. Windows users will have special instructions and would be better by leveraging a Linux VM.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn all the fundamentals of KSQL
  • Create a taxi booking application
  • Create Streams, Tables, Generate Data with ksql-datagen
  • Advanced Operations: Joins, Windowing, Aggregations, Geospatial
  • Deal with all kind of data formats: CSV, JSON & Avro
  • Create and use UDF, use UDAF
  • Moving KSQL to production with tips
+ Table of Contents

1 KSQL Course Introduction
2 Project Overview

Code Download
3 Code Download

KSQL Setup
4 KSQL Setup – Mac Linux Windows
5 Important – Windows Users
6 KSQL Command Line

KSQL Basics
7 Our first KSQL Stream
8 Create a Stream with JSON
9 KSQL Datagen – Generating Streams
10 Manipulate a Stream
11 Our first table
12 Update a table

KSQL Intermediate
13 KSQL Joins
14 Merging Streams
15 Windowing
16 Geospatial
17 Data Encodings
18 CSV Delimited Data
19 JSON Data
20 Avro Data
21 Avro Schema Evolution
22 Nested JSON
23 Build a rekeyed table
24 Repartition a Stream

KSQL Extensions – UDF & UDAF
25 Extending KSQL – UDF UDAF
26 Using the UDF UDAF

KSQL in Production
27 Moving to Productions-Headless for KSQL
28 Explain Plan
29 Scaling and Load Balancing
30 Configuration Settings
31 State Stores

Next Steps
32 Next Steps & Congratulations
33 Bonus Lecture Special discounts for our other courses