Angular: Material Design

Angular: Material Design

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Angular Material is a UI component framework and a reference implementation of Material Design, a unified system created by Google designers for crafting high-quality digital experiences. In this project-based course, learn how to get started with Angular Material. Instructor Robby Millsap helps to familiarize you with Material Design by covering the core concepts behind it, as well as walking through how to install Angular Material. He also shows how to work with layouts, components, and theming features to give a project a user experience overhaul.

Topics include:

  • What is Material Design?
  • Adding the required modules to your project
  • Installing Angular Material
  • Adding app bars and menus
  • Creating cards
  • Separating content using tabs
  • Adding data tables
Table of Contents

1 What is Material Design and why should you care
2 What you should know
3 What is the material in Material Design
4 Installing Angular Material into our starter project
5 Sidenavs
6 App bars
7 Menus
8 Tabs
9 Cards
10 Steppers
11 Implement steppers
12 Autocomplete
13 Inputs
14 Date picker
15 Dialogs
16 Snackbars
17 Tooltips
18 Tables, part 1
19 Tables, part 2
20 Pagination
21 Next steps