Angular 2 Deep Dive

Angular 2 Deep Dive

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Dive into the core architectural components and concepts of Angular 2 to develop strongly structured, versatile web applications

Angular 2 promises cross-platform coding, greater development efficiency, better speed and performance and incredible tooling to create applications, both mobile and desktop.

Angular 2 is a massive architectural overhaul from its predecessor, and will completely change the way developers approach JavaScript web development. The redesign incorporates several new key development concepts and practices, meaning developers have to adopt a new way of approaching projects with Angular. This course delivers an early deep dive into the architectural aspects of Angular 2 development, and imparts the knowledge you need to understand comprehensively and put into practice the key concepts powering the framework.

We will begin by grasping the concepts of Angular 2, and apply them to an application that grows in complexity throughout the course, culminating in a fully-featured example of song-library.

You will discover how to present data to users while also ensuring that their interactions on the UI are handled by the presentation layer of your app. Then we will take a look at business logic needs so that the system behaves exactly as per your requirements; here services and other abstraction layers will come into play.

You will also learn how to create forms with ease, and smoothly handle validation. At the end, we’ll glue all these development aspects with reactive and asynchronous programming, which you will embrace as you learn to control flows and story lines of actions in the app.

This course will not only teach you the ropes of developing with the framework, but also help you build more complex and future-proof applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Create an application with Angular 2, structure your code, and bootstrap the app within minutes
  • Discover dependency injection in Angular 2 with its new tree structure of providers
  • Build smaller, reusable components as building blocks of your application
  • Abstract business logic into injectables and make use of built-in services to make AJAX calls
  • Simplify the manipulation of data for easy presentation using Pipes
  • Adopt reactive programming using the great Observables from RxJS
  • Embrace asynchronous programming with ES6’s Promises
  • Validate aplenty, with built-in validation, custom validators, and asynchronous verifications
Table of Contents

Head First into Angular 2
01 The Course Overview
02 The Root of All Thingsw
03 To TypeScript or Not to TypeScript, That Is No Question

It’s All about Components
04 One-way Data Binding
05 Binding to Events
06 Creating Your Own Component
07 I-O – Component Data and Event Emitters
08 Content Projection
09 Directives

Injectables and Providers
10 Built-in Services
11 Creating an Injectable
12 The Power of Providers
13 Hierarchy of Injectors
14 Testing a Service

Routing through the App
15 Configuring the Router and Displaying Components
16 Routing with Parameters
17 Child Routing
18 Lifecycle Hooks

19 Built-in Pipes
20 Custom Pipes
21 Stay Pure
22 Asynchronous Piping

Fun with Forms
23 Go Full Template
24 When the Model Gets Involved
25 Validate Plenty

We Live in an Asynchronous World
26 Keep Your Promises
27 The Power of Observables