Android Kotlin Development Masterclass using Android Oreo

Android Kotlin Development Masterclass using Android Oreo
Android Kotlin Development Masterclass using Android Oreo

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eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

Kotlin will overtake Java for Android app development. Improve career options with Android Studio. Create your own app

In this course, you will discover the power of Android app development, and obtain the skills to dramatically increase your career prospects as a software developer. You’ll also have a head start over other developers using obsolete tools and earlier versions of Android.

Android is continually being updated, so OLD versions of the operating systems will have features from the latest version. It’s called AppCompat, which is a set of support libraries used to make apps developed with newer versions, work with older versions.

But it only works if the developer codes it a right way. It doesn’t just happen by default. The way I teach you in this Masterclass course is the right way!

With my course, you get the best of both worlds. You’re taught to write code for the latest version of Android Oreo with a strong focus on AppCompat. That way, the apps you build will also support older versions of Android.

Most Android courses just focus on teaching app development for the current Oreo version (or if you are lucky, the previous version Nougat). What that means is you’re only taught to make apps for the latest version of Android, and that alienates a huge user base.

With my course, that’s not the case. Your skill level is maximized so your app reaches more users, which means more downloads, which means more money.

Starting is easy because no previous programming experience is needed. NONE! If you do have it, great. Or maybe you just want to brush up on your Android development skills, and that’s fantastic too.

The course is presented using a combination of video, slides and diagrams, all designed to teach you everything you need to know.

This is what you’ll learn in the course:

  • Develop apps for the very latest version of Android 8 Oreo that also work on older Android devices running older versions of the Android operating system.
  • Download, install and configure the necessary (free) software.
  • Create your first app.
  • Build a range of apps demonstrating key aspects of the Android framework.
  • Test your apps on emulators or a real Android phone or tablet.
  • You’ll learn Kotlin programming because Google have just recently added support for Kotlin to Android app development. Included are Kotlin tutorial videos that will get you up to speed fast.
  • Ensure your apps work with current and older Android versions on phones and tablets.
  • Use Android studio 3, the newest version of Google’s premier Android tool.
  • Learn how to use databases, web services, and even get your apps to speak!
  • Understand the all new Constraint layout, for “drag and drop” screen creation.
  • Use powerful libraries of code to play videos, download website data, manipulate images, and a whole lot more!
+ Table of Contents

Introduction and Course Information
1 Introduction
2 The Udemy Interface
3 Introduction to Android

Downloading and Installing the Necessary Tools
4 Windows – Install Android Studio
5 Do you need to download the Java development Kit
6 Java Development Kit for Windows (32Bit Users Only!)
7 Mac – Install Android Studio
8 Linux – Install Android Studio
9 Java Development Kit for Linux (32Bit Users Only!)
10 Configure Android SDK on all Three Platforms
11 SDK Configuration Continued
12 Enable VT-X in BIOS

Hello World Android App
13 Introduction
14 Android Studio Templates
15 More on Android Templates
16 Hello World
17 Tour of Android Studio
18 Setting Up a Virtual Device
19 Running on an emulator
20 Running on a physical Android device

Kotlin Tutorials
21 Kotlin Tutorial Setup
22 Kotlin Tutorial 1
23 Variables and Types
24 More on Variables and Types
25 String Concatenation and Interpolation
26 val and var and more on Declarations
27 Conditions
28 Classes
29 Objects and Instances
30 Challenge
31 Lists
32 More on Lists
33 toString Challenge
34 for Loops
35 for Encapsulation and Private Properties
36 Overloading Functions
37 Inheritance
38 More on Inheritance
39 Inheritance Continued
40 Further Inheritance
41 while Loops
42 for Loop Revisited
43 do while Loop
44 Loop Challenge

The Button Counter App
45 Introduction
46 Setup Play Project
47 The Constraint Layout
48 Constraints and Resizing
49 Positioning Widgets
50 Inner Lines within a Widget
51 Layouts on Different Devices
52 More on the Constraints
53 Baseline Constraints
54 Constraining Widgets
55 Add Scrolling Capabilities
56 The Button Counter App
57 Finish Layout
58 Coding Button Counter App
59 findViewById and r Class
60 Events and setonclicklistener
61 Testing and Challenge Time
62 Extending the Button App
63 Testing and Challenge
64 Fixing Kotlin Gradle Issues
65 The Activity Lifecycle
66 The Logcat Pane
67 Logging the Activity Lifecycle
68 Activity Lifecycle in Action
69 Saving and Restoring Instance State

Calculator App
70 Demo Calculator App
71 Calculator Interface Setup
72 Continue with Interface
73 Fine Tuning the Layout
74 Create Landscape Layout
75 Comparing FIles with Diff
76 Comparing Directories
77 Coding the Calculator
78 Add onClickListeners
79 Write Perform Operation Function
80 Bug Fix and Code Improvements
81 Bug Fix Challlenge and Save State
82 Widget References in Kotlin
83 Guidelines
84 Fixing Landscape Layout
85 Add Neg Button to Layout
86 Code Changes for Neg Button
87 Add Neg Button to Portrait

The Top 10 Downloader App
88 Introduction
89 AsyncTask
90 Logging and Logcat
91 Download the RSS Feed
92 Reading the Data
93 Android Permissions
94 Writing Idiomatic Kotlin
95 More Idiomatic Kotlin
96 Parsing the Data
97 Create Xml Parse Function
98 Testing the App
99 ListView and ArrayAdapter
100 Code Changes for Array Adapter
101 onDestroy and Asynctask
102 Create Custom Adapter
103 Custom Adapter Code
104 Improving the Adapter
105 ViewHolder Pattern
106 Adding a Menu – Layout
107 Adding A Menu – Code
108 Menu Groups – Layout
109 Menu Groups – Code
110 Challenge Solution

The YouTube app
111 Setup
112 YouTube Activity
113 Adding Widgets Dynamically
114 Google API Key
115 Add Key to Code
116 The YouTube Player
117 onInitializationSuccess Method
118 Adding Listeners
119 Improving the Player
120 Extending App Layouts
121 Extending Youtube App Code
122 Implementing Intents and Challenge
123 Challenge Solution
124 More Error Handling

Flickr Browser App
125 Introduction
126 Flick App and Feeds
127 Json and Mini challenge
128 Log Tag and Companion Objects
129 Download JSON – doInBackground
130 Downloading the JSON
131 CallBacks
132 Project Diagram and Photo Class
133 GetFlickJsonData class
134 GetFlickrJsonData class continued
135 Uri Builder
136 Flickr Browser User Inferface
137 RecyclerView Layouts
138 Finishing Browse Layout
139 Search and PhotoDetail Activities
140 Nested Layouts
141 Recyclerview Adapter
142 onBindViewHolder and Picasso
143 Associate Adapter to Recyclerview
144 RecyclerItemClickListener
145 GestureDetector
146 Displaying the full photo
147 Serializable
148 Modify Photo Details Activity
149 Parcelable
150 Material Design
151 More on Material Design
152 AppCompat – Backwards Compatibility
153 Style Sheets
154 Custom Style Sheets
155 Namespaces
156 Other Material Design Changes
157 Style Editor
158 Differences in API Levels
159 String Resources
160 String Resources Placeholders
161 Adding the Search Feature
162 SearchView
163 More on SearchView
164 SearchView Events
165 SharedPreferences
166 Telling Fibs

Databases, the SQL Language and SQLite on Android
167 Introduction
168 Introduction to Databases
169 Database Terminology
170 Command Line and Path Setup for Windows
171 Command Line and Path Setup for Mac
172 Command Line and Path Setup for Ubuntu Linux
173 Introduction to Sqlite
174 More SQL with Sqlite
175 Sqlite Querying Data
176 Order By and Joins
177 More Complex Joins
178 Wild Cards and Views
179 Housekeeping and Challenge

Bonus Material
180 Bonus – Please Watch!
181 All Courses
182 Source Code

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