Android Development: Understanding Intents

Android Development: Understanding Intents
Android Development: Understanding Intents

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Android intents are how apps communicate with the operating system and with each other. They are the “glue” between activities. Using intents, you can adjust your app’s user experience or ask other apps to perform common actions: taking photos, sending emails and SMS messages, and even displaying locations on maps and playing media. This course teaches you all you need to know to take advantage of this core piece of Android functionality. Instructor Joe Marini shows how to create and send a basic intent, enhance it with values, and then leverage the most useful built-in intents, such as opening links and capturing images, setting alarms, and making phone calls. Plus, learn how to queue up pending intents and force intents to open in certain apps on the user’s device.

Topics include:

  • Creating and sending intents
  • Adding extra values to intents
  • Creating an intent to capture an image
  • Creating an intent to compose a text message
  • Creating an intent to start a phone call
  • Creating an intent to compose an email
  • Filtering intents
  • Pending intents
+ Table of Contents

1 Intents a foundational Android concept
2 What you should know
3 Getting set up
4 What are intents
5 Explicit and implicit intents
6 Creating and sending intents
7 Intent extra values
8 Intent resolution
9 Starting the camera
10 Open a URL with the browser
11 Capturing a picture
12 Compose an SMS message
13 Set an alarm
14 Perform a web search
15 Start a phone call
16 Compose an email
17 Show a location on a map
18 Forcing an app chooser
19 Intent filters
20 Pending intents
21 Next steps