Android Development Essential Training: Distributing Apps

Android Development Essential Training: Distributing Apps
Android Development Essential Training: Distributing Apps

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Once you’ve created an Android app, it’s time to share it with the world. Luckily, there are many avenues to distribution. This course focuses on the two primary channels: Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The first step is to prepare your app, including cleaning up and optimizing code. Then you can learn how to package a signed application file for distribution and configure multiple variants with different features. Instructor Jon-Luke West—a product engineer who creates Android and iOS apps for a variety of markets—walks you through each step involved in getting your app into Google Play and Amazon, including creating graphics, setting pricing and product details, and publishing the app. He also shows how to track its success after release with the built-in reporting features offered by both stores, which cover everything from user feedback to crash statistics.

Topics include:

  • Exploring the distribution options
  • Cleaning up your code
  • Building a signed APK file
  • Configuring build types and variants
  • Distributing through Google Play
  • Adding app graphics
  • Setting pricing
  • Publishing the app in Google Play
  • Submitting an app to Amazon
  • Tracking app use in Google Play and Amazon
+ Table of Contents

1 Share your app with the world
2 What you should know
3 How to use the exercise files
4 Android application files
5 The Google Play store
6 Amazon Appstore
7 Other app stores
8 Install alternate app store apps
9 Explore the sample app
10 Clean up your code
11 Manage the app version
12 Minify and obfuscate the app
13 Build a signed APK file
14 Configure build types
15 Configure multiple flavors
16 Create build variants
17 Write variant-specific code
18 Register as a Google Play developer
19 Upload an APK
20 Complete the store listing
21 Create and upload app graphics
22 Set the content rating
23 Set pricing and distribution options
24 Configure in-app products
25 Publish the app
26 Register as an Amazon developer
27 Test app compatibility
28 Create the store listing
29 Add graphics and content rating
30 Upload an APK and publish
31 Google Play usage reports
32 Google Play pre-launch reports
33 Amazon usage reports
34 Next steps