Algorithms and Data Structures in Java

Algorithms and Data Structures in Java
Algorithms and Data Structures in Java

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Build your own gui applications with java using algorithms and data structures, learn to program like a pro

This course is for those who want to learn how to program correctly by using the proper data structures but also acquire knowledge on how to create applications with graphical user interface. This course is for all levels of students, but less for those who have no “relationship” with at least one programming language and is targeted mainly at new programmers and students who want to learn programming correctly!

What is the difference with the other corresponding courses?

The difference with other courses is that with this course you will learn data structures and algorithms that are taught in universities today with more great examples and without unnecessary words. And the most important difference is that in this course you will learn further how is to create applications with graphical user interface and essentially you will learn to make integrated applications.

About the course.

  • In the first section we will see what we need to start.
  • In the second section you will learn about search algorithms.
  • In the third section we will see the data structures, how they are made and how we use them.
  • In the fourth section you will see sorting algorithms and you’ll learn how they work, how quick they are and how to use them.
  • For every piece of material exists a corresponding application.
  • Most applications are with GUI.
  • The material shown is the academic material that most universities have in the data structures course.
  • The knowledge of data structures and algorithms lay the foundations to become better programmer.
+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Install NetBeans on Mac
3 Install NetBeans on Windows

Search Algorithms
4 Linear Search Theory
5 Linear Search Application Part 1
6 Linear Search Application Part 2
7 Linear Search Application Part 3
8 Binary Search Theory
9 Binary Search Application

Data Structures
10 Linked List Theory
11 Linked List Application Part 1
12 Linked List Application Part 2
13 Linked List Application Part 3
14 Car Manager Application Part 1
15 Car Manager Application Part 2
16 Car Manager Application Part 3
17 Car Manager Application Part 4
18 Linked List B Theory
19 Updating the Car Manager Application
20 Stack Theory
21 Stack Application Part 1
22 Stack Application Part 2
23 Queues Theory
24 Queues Application Part 1
25 Queues Application Part 2
26 Simple Hash Map Theory
27 Simple Hash Map Application
28 Linked Hash Map Theory
29 Linked Hash Map Application Part 1
30 Linked Hash Map Application Part 2
31 Heap With Array Theory
32 Heap With Array Application
33 Heap With Nodes Theory
34 Heap With Nodes Application Part 1
35 Heap With Nodes Application Part 2

Sorting Algorithms
36 Selection Sort Theory
37 Sort Application Part 1
38 Bubble Sort Theory
39 Sort Application Part 2
40 Insertion Sort Theory
41 Sort Application Part 3
42 Merge Sort Theory
43 Sort Application Part 4
44 Quick Sort Theory
45 Sort Application Part 5

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