AI and UX: Why Artificial Intelligence Needs User Experience

AI and UX: Why Artificial Intelligence Needs User ExperienceReviews
Author: Gavin Lew
Pub Date: 2020
ISBN: 978-1484257746
Pages: 152
Language: English
Format: PDF/EPUB
Size: 10 Mb


Shine a light on how user experience (UX) will play a significant role in adoption of AI technologies across industries. This book explores how AI must be developed within a UX framework.
The authors start by asking the question “how do we make AI smarter?” You will then quickly realize that the tried and true techniques of AI have been all about getting smarter. While we are making massive inroads, these may not be making AI more successful. It is not just about getting a product to market; it is―as always―about getting the product into people’s hands in a form that will be used. That demands examining the product from the perspective of the user―a stage of product development we have come to accept as fundamental. But the new world of AI will necessitate a new “UX lens” for us to see through. We should be asking the questions that will get us to that new lens.
This book is based on interviews on technologists in the field of AI and UX. It is comprised of three core areas: 1) The history of AI, 2) Product examples and failures, and 3) A UX framework to make AI successful.
What You’ll Learn

  • Understand how the usage and success of AI depends on a great user experience
  • Discover how technology can advance beyond “it works” to “it works well,” which subsequently increases its adoption
  • Determine what ways can we let the users enhance the data to make AI better attuned to their needs
  • Realize how you can make humans smarter in their interactions with AI