Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Modeling: Theory and Practice

Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Modeling: Theory and Practice

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1032105703 | 277 Pages | PDF | 27 MB

This book is written in a clear and thorough way to cover both the traditional and modern uses of artificial intelligence and soft computing. It gives an in-depth look at mathematical models, algorithms, and real-world problems that are hard to solve in MATLAB. The book is intended to provide a broad and in-depth understanding of fuzzy logic controllers, genetic algorithms, neural networks, and hybrid techniques such as ANFIS and the GA-ANN model.


  • A detailed description of basic intelligent techniques (fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm and neural network using MATLAB)
  • A detailed description of the hybrid intelligent technique called the adaptive fuzzy inference technique(ANFIS)
  • Formulation of the nonlinear model like analysis of ANOVA and response surface methodology
  • Variety of solved problem on ANOVA and RSM
  • Case studies of above mentioned intelligent techniques on the different process control systems

This book can be used as a handbook and a guide for students of all engineering disciplines, operational research areas, computer applications, and for various professionals who work in the optimization area.