Agile Web Development with Rails 5

Agile Web Development with Rails 5Reviews
Author: Sam Ruby
Pub Date: 2016
ISBN: 978-1-68050-171-1
Pages: 450
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 13 Mb


Rails 5 and Ruby 2.2 bring many improvements, including new APIs and substantial performance enhancements, and the fifth edition of this award-winning classic is now updated! If you’re new to Rails, you’ll get step-by-step guidance. If you’re an experienced developer, this book will give you the comprehensive, insider information you need for the latest version of Ruby on Rails.
Ruby on Rails helps you produce high-quality, beautiful-looking web applications quickly. You concentrate on creating the application, and Rails takes care of the details. Learn Rails the way the Rails core team recommends it, along with the tens of thousands of developers who have used this broad, far-reaching tutorial and reference.
We start with a step-by-step walkthrough of building a real application, and in-depth chapters look at the built-in Rails features. Follow along with an extended tutorial as you write a web-based store application. Eliminate tedious configuration and housekeeping; internationalize your applications; incorporate Ajax, REST, web services, and e-mail handling into your applications; test your applications as you write them using the built-in testing frameworks; and deploy your applications easily and securely. New in this edition is coverage of Action Cable, and completely updated code for Rails 5.
Rails 1.0 was released in December 2005, more than 10 years ago. This book was there from the start, and didn’t just evolve alongside Rails, it evolved with Rails. It has been developed in consultation with the Rails core team. In fact, Rails itself is tested against the code in this book.
What You Need:
All you need is a Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux machine to do development on. This book will take you through the steps to install Rails and its dependencies. If you aren’t familiar with the Ruby programming language, this book contains a chapter that covers the basics necessary to understand the material in the book.


Table of Contents

Part I Getting Started
1. Installing Rails
2. Instant Gratification
3. The Architecture of Rails Applications
4. Introduction to Ruby
Part II Building an Application
5. The Depot Application
6. Task A: Creating the Application
7. Task B: Validation and Unit Testing
8. Task C: Catalog Display
9. Task D: Cart Creation
10. Task E: A Smarter Cart
11. Task F: Add a Dash of Ajax
12. Task G: Check Out!
13. Task H: Sending Mail
14. Task I: Logging In
15. Task J: Internationalization
16. Task K: Deployment and Production
17. Depot Retrospective

Part III Rails in Depth
18. Finding Your Way Around Rails
19. Active Record
20. Action Dispatch and Action Controller
21. Action View
22. Migrations
23. Nonbrowser Applications
24. Rails’ Dependencies
25. Rails Plugins
26. Where to Go from Here