Advanced Testing of Systems-of-Systems, Volume 1: Theoretical Aspects

Advanced Testing of Systems-of-Systems, Volume 1: Theoretical Aspects

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1786307491 | 320 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

The breadth of the subject justifies splitting this work in two books. Part I, this book, covers the general aspects applicable to systems-of-systems testing, among them the impact of development life cycle, test strategy and methodology, the added value of quality referential, test documentation and reporting. We identified the impact of various test levels and test techniques, whether static or dynamic.

In the second book, we will focus on project management, identifying human interactions as primary elements to consider, and we will continue with practical aspects such as testing processes and their iterative and continuous improvement. We will also see additional but necessary processes, such as requirement management, defects management and configuration management. In a case study, we will be able to ask ourselves several useful questions. We will finish this second book with a rather perilous prospective exercise by listing the challenges that testing will need to face in the coming years.

These two books make a single coherent and complete work building on more than 40 years of experience by the author. The main aspect put forward is the difference between the traditional vision of software testing – focused on one system and one version – and the necessary vision when multiple systems and multiple versions of software must be interconnected to provide a service that needs to be tested thoroughly.