Advanced Selenium: Support Classes

Advanced Selenium: Support Classes
Advanced Selenium: Support Classes

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Make your automated execution code more robust using support classes within Selenium WebDriver. In this course, instructor Alan Richardson takes a deep dive into Selenium WebDriver, explaining how support classes can make updating and maintaining your test code much easier. Alan explains how to create element abstractions, which can represent common HTML elements to make them easier to work with. He digs into state and element synchronization, explaining how concepts such as WebDriverWait can help you ensure that your tests are more robust when they execute. Plus, learn about locators, page objects, EventFiringWebDriver, and more.

Topics include:

  • What are the support classes?
  • Writing your own element extraction
  • Creating locators
  • State and element synchronization
  • Ajax and default locator strategies
  • The SlowLoadableComponent class
  • Logging with EventFiringWebDriver
+ Table of Contents

1 The best-kept secret in WebDriver
2 What you should know
3 What are the support classes
4 Quick wins
5 What is an element abstraction
6 Creates your own element abstractions
7 What are locators
8 Create your locators
9 What is synchronization
10 Expected conditions
11 FluentWait Waiting for anything
12 What is a page object
13 What is PageFactory
14 Ajax and default locator strategies
15 PageFactory pros and cons
16 Loadable components
17 Slow loadable components
18 What is EventFiringWebDriver
19 How do you use it
20 Next steps