Advanced Python: Language Features

Advanced Python: Language Features

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Python has become the language of choice of many developers for building all kinds of applications across a wide range of industries, but to fully take advantage of its power and flexibility, you need to master all its advanced functionality. Python is a flexible, customizable language that provides features that other languages support only through third-party libraries or require that you build yourself. In this course, Joe Marini takes you through some of the more advanced features of the Python language. Joe shows you how to write code that is easier to read and maintain, build classes that work just like the ones that are native to the language, and work with some of the newest features of the language itself, like structural pattern matching. If you’re ready to take your Python skills to the next level, join Joe in this course.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Getting set up

Language Features
3 Python coding style
4 Understanding strings vs. bytes
5 The assignment expression
6 Boolean types and values
7 Template strings

Advanced Functions
8 Documentation strings
9 Variable argument lists
10 Lambda functions
11 Keyword-only arguments
12 Challenge Advanced functions
13 Solution Advanced functions

Python Comprehensions
14 Introduction to comprehensions
15 List comprehensions
16 Dictionary comprehensions
17 Set comprehensions
18 Challenge Comprehensions
19 Solution Comprehensions

Classes and Objects
20 Python classes overview
21 Defining enumerations
22 Special methods string values
23 Special methods computed attributes
24 Special methods operations
25 Special methods comparisons
26 Challenge Special methods
27 Solution Special methods

Structural Pattern Matching
28 Overview of pattern matching
29 Simple patterns
30 Capture patterns
31 Class patterns
32 Sequence patterns
33 Pattern guards
34 Challenge Patterns
35 Solution Patterns

36 Next steps