Advanced JQuery 3

Advanced JQuery 3
Advanced JQuery 3

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Developing an interactive front-end website

Create interactive, efficient, and smart web applications with jQuery 3.0 using this step-by-step practical tutorial

If you are a web developer and want to create web applications that look good, are efficient, have rich user interfaces, and integrate seamlessly with any backend using AJAX, then this book is the ideal match for you. We’ll show you how you can integrate jQuery 3.0 into your web pages, avoid complex JavaScript code, create brilliant animation effects for your web applications, and create a flawless app.

We start by using and developing plugins. Moving on, we’ll refine your knowledge of selectors and traversals. We’ll then improve event handling and create advanced effects to make our application user-friendly. You’ll see how to modify the DOM with techniques and understand Ajax transactions.

What You Will Learn

  • Find out how to create the best user interface for your web applications
  • Selecting and traversing capabilities
  • Create custom and special events
  • Manipulate animations
  • Extend the way jQuery processes CSS properties
  • Achieve a greater understanding of Ajax transactions
+ Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Using a Plugin
03 Types of Plugins
04 The jQuery UI Plugin Library
05 The jQuery Mobile Plugin Library
06 Adding New Global Functions
07 Adding jQuery Object Method
08 Providing Flexible Method Parameters
09 Creating Plugins with the jQquery UI Widget Factory
10 Selecting and Traversing Revisited
11 Customizing and Optimizing Selectors
12 DOM Traversal
13 Revisiting Events
14 Event Delegation
15 Defining Custom Events
16 Throttling Events
17 Extending Events
18 Animation Revisited
19 Observing and Interrupting Animations
20 Using Global Effect Properties
21 Multi Property Easing
22 Using Deferred Objects
23 Taking Fine-Grained Control of Animations
24 Sorting Table Rows
25 Moving and Inserting Elements Revisited
26 Storing Data Alongside DOM Elements
27 Using HTML5 Custom Data Attributes
28 Sorting and Building Rows with JSON
29 Revisiting Attribute Manipulation
30 Implementing Progressive Enhancement with Ajax
31 Handling Ajax Errors
32 Using the jqXHR Objects
33 Throttling Ajax Requests
34 Extending Ajax Capabilities