Advanced Java: Threads

Advanced Java: Threads

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Java threads allow programs to execute multiple blocks of code at the same time. This advanced Java course with instructor Buddhini Samarakkody focuses on threads and concurrency, and is useful to Java programmers and even non-Java programmers who want to get a quick and practical understanding of these important concepts. Buddhini first introduces you to Java threads and the concept of concurrency. She also explains: The difference between multitasking and multithreading; the difference between a process and a thread; how to create and start a thread; and how to use different methods of the thread class.

Table of Contents

1 Learning about Java threads
2 What you should know

Java Threads and Concurrency Overview
3 What is concurrency
4 Processes vs. threads
5 Multitasking vs. multithreading
6 The main thread
7 Daemon vs. non-daemon threads

Creating and Starting a Thread
8 Thread class and Runnable interface
9 Creating a thread Extending the Thread class
10 Creating a thread Implementing the Runnable interface
11 Starting a thread
12 Extend a thread or implement a Runnable
13 Challenge Webinar polling system
14 Solution Webinar polling system

Methods of the Thread Class
15 Pausing execution of a thread
16 Interrupting a thread
17 Implementing thread interruptions
18 Making a thread to wait until another thread terminates
19 Other useful methods of the Thread class
20 Challenge Webinar polling system
21 Solution Webinar polling system

22 Next steps