Access 2019: Building Dashboards for Excel

Access 2019: Building Dashboards for Excel
Access 2019: Building Dashboards for Excel

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

Take your Excel and Access skills to the next level by learning how to create interactive dashboards users will find attractive and easy to use. Instructor Robin Hunt shows you how to use these two programs in combination to create queries, macros, slicers, and more. Learn how to generate charts, graphs, and other appealing data visualizations that can update in real time as the dashboards collect and display information, giving your users an experience they’ll appreciate.

Topics include:

  • How queries, forms, and reports work with tables
  • Linking data to Access
  • Building and working with queries
  • Working with SQL view
  • Exporting and linking data to Excel
  • Charting and pivots in Excel
  • Building interactive charts
  • Building Excel macros for dashboard
  • Creating macros that navigate
  • Assigning macros to buttons
+ Table of Contents

1 Make Excel data entry more visual
2 What you should know
3 Working with the exercise files

The Benefits of Moving to Access
4 Understanding the limitations of Excel
5 Understanding the limitations of Access
6 Learning how queries, forms, and reports work with tables

Understanding the Access Structure
7 Work with table views
8 Link data to Access

Analyze Database Tables
9 Learning the basics of normalization
10 Understanding table relationships
11 Identify keys
12 Understanding join types

Build and Work with Queries
13 Create queries
14 Sort and filter in a query
15 Enhance queries
16 Build unique data queries
17 Work with SQL view
18 Build aggregate data queries

Export and Link Data to Excel
19 Import to and from Access
20 Link data to Excel
21 Work with external connections
22 Refresh data from other sources
23 Add data from connections
24 Change connections

Charting and Pivots in Excel
25 Build sunburst charts and treemaps
26 Build pivots and set refresh settings
27 Build PivotCharts
28 Using slicers and timelines to filter
29 Set slicer options
30 Move charts
31 Work with page layout

Build Excel Macros for Dashboard
32 Create macros that clear filters
33 Create macros for common filters
34 Create macros that navigate
35 Assign macros to buttons

36 Next steps