Working with Static Sites: Bringing the Power of Simple to Modern Websites

Working with Static Sites: Bringing the Power of Simple to Modern WebsitesReviews
Author: Raymond Camden, Brian Rinaldi
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-491-96087-5
Pages: 198
Language: English
Format: PDF/EPUB
Size: 55 Mb


Just like vinyl LPs, static sites are making a comeback, evidenced by the wide array of static-site generators now available. This practical book shows you hands-on how to build these simple sites for blogs and other use cases, and how to make them more powerful. In the process, you’ll work with some of today’s more mature and popular static-site generators.
Authors Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi explain the advantages of using static-site generators for building fast and secure sites. Web and frontend designers and developers will also explore methods for adding dynamic elements and for migrating an existing CMS to a static site.

  • Build a basic four-page static site with the Harp generator
  • Create a simple blog with Jekyll
  • Develop a documentation site with Hugo by generating site files and creating the layout
  • Add dynamic elements, such as forms, comments, and search
  • Integrate a CMS with tools such as CloudCannon and Netlify CMS
  • Use one of several options to deploy your static files
  • Learn methods for moving an existing CMS to a static site

Table of Contents

1. Why Static Sites?
2. Building a Basic Static Site
3. Building a Blog
4. Building a Documentation Site
5. Adding Dynamic Elements
6. Adding a CMS
7. Deployment
8. Migrating to a Static Site