Try Django 1.9 | Build a Blog and Learn Python’s #1 Library

Try Django 1.9 | Build a Blog and Learn Python’s #1 Library
Try Django 1.9 | Build a Blog and Learn Python’s #1 Library

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Learn step-by-step to build a Django Blog Web Applications and get your project in the real world today.

Three project tutorials to help you launch your project this month. This course teaches you the basics of Django by building an Advanced and Modern Blog; the #1 Web Framework written in Python.

Create a Blog with Try Django 1.9 + Advancing the Blog


Learn Django Rest Framework in Blog API section to build a powerful RESTful API service.

Django is awesome and very simple to get started. Step-by-step tutorials are to help you understand the workflow, get you started doing something real, then it is our goal to have you asking questions… “Why did I do X?” or “How would I do Y?” These are questions you wouldn’t know to ask otherwise. Questions, after all, lead to answers.

+ Table of Contents

Welcome to Try Django
1 Welcome
2 Software Versions
3 On YouTube
4 System Setup
5 System Setup Links PDF.pdf

Try Django 1.9
6 Introduction
7 Walkthrough
8 Before Getting Started
9 Versions Install
10 Superuser Admin
11 First App Model
12 Model to Admin
13 Customize Admin
15 Writing our First View
16 Request Response
17 Mapping URLs to Views
18 In App URLs
19 Django Templates
20 Template Context
21 QuerySet Basics
22 Get Item or 404 Query
23 Dynamic URL Routing Patterns
24 URL links Get Absolute URL
25 Model Form Create View
26 Instance Update View
27 Django Messages Framework
28 Delete View
29 Template Inheritance
30 Setup Static Files – CSS Javascript Images in Django
31 Implement Bootstrap
32 Pagination by QuerySet
33 File Uploads with FileField and ImageField
34 SlugField
35 Social Share LInks
36 Custom Template Tags
37 Basic User Permissions
38 Associate User to Post with a Foreign Key
39 Using Facebook Comments
40 Item Publish Data Draft
41 Model Managers Handling Drafts
42 Search Posts
43 Next Steps Thank you

Advancing the Blog
44 Welcome to Advancing the Blog
45 Blog from Try Django 1.9
46 Render HTML and Markdown
47 Implement Django Pagedown for Stack Overflow Style Markdown
48 Responsive Image inside of Post Markdown Content
49 Render Markdown Django
50 Truncate and Django Template Tags
51 Dynamic Preview of Form Data
52 Django Crispy Forms
53 Bootstrap Input Groups
54 Django Generic Foreign Keys Part 1
55 Django Generic Foreign Keys Part 2
56 Django Generic Foreign Keys Part 3
57 Model Managers Instance Methods
58 Create Comments
59 Reply to Comments
60 jQuery fadeToggle for Comment Replies
61 Comment Thread
62 Count Words Get Read Time with Python
63 Blog Post Read Time in Django
64 Delete View with Confirmation
65 Delete Permissions Http Status Codes
66 Basic User Login Registration and Logout
67 User Login Form Validation
68 User Register Form View
69 User Login Required
70 Breadcrumb Navigation
71 Thank you

Blog API Project Learn Django Rest Framework
72 Welcome
73 Getting Started Installations
74 API Module ListAPIView
75 Serialize Model Data into JSON
76 Serializing Objects in the Python Shell
77 Retrieve API View aka Detail View
78 Update Destroy Delete API View
79 Update Delete in the Python Shell
80 Create Serializer and Create API View
81 Associate User with View Methods
82 Custom Permissions
83 Filtering a QuerySet in a ListAPIView
84 Pagination with Rest Framework
85 Hyperlinked Identity Field for URL
86 Serializer Method Field
87 Comments API
88 Comment Children Reply Count
89 Comments in Post Detail API View
90 Comment Create Serializer Function Part 1
91 Comment Create Serializer Function Part 2
92 Comment Create Serializer Function Part 3
93 Update Destroy Mixins
94 Comment Detail Update Delete
95 Comment URLS Post GET API Urls
96 User API Setup
97 ModelSerializer Create Method
98 Serializer Validation
99 Base APIView for User Login
100 UserLogin API Validation
101 User Detail Serializer
102 Django Rest Framework Settings
103 Django Rest Framework JWT Curl Tests
104 Thank you

Try Django 1.8
105 1- Introduction
106 Start Project
107 First Migration
108 Admin Superuser
109 Apps
110 First View Url Routing
111 Django Settings Overview
112 Template Configuration
113 Models
114 Admin
115 Model Form
116 Form Validation
117 View Template Context
118 Form in a View
119 Custom Form in a View
120 Setup Email
121 Static Files in Django 1.8
122 Serving Static Files
123 Adding Bootstrap to Django
124 Django Templates
125 Third Party Library Django Crispy Forms
126 Bootstrap Grid System
127 Styling MVP Landing Part 1
128 CSS with Blocks
129 URL Names as Links
130 Styling MVP Landing Part 2
131 Django Registration Redux
132 Update Django Login URL to Custom URL
133 Authentication Links in Navbar
134 Login Form in Bootstrap Navbar
135 Styling MVP Landing Part 3
136 Logo Image in Navbar
137 Promo Video Images
138 Icons with Font Awesome
139 Content for Authenticated Users
140 QuerySet Basics
141 Settings for Different Environments
142 Using SSH for with Webfaction Secure Shell
143 FTP for Production Settings
144 Install PIP Migrate Static Settings
145 Fix Static Settings
146 Final One

Thank You
147 Thank you Next Steps

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