Mastering iOS 10 Programming

Mastering iOS 10 ProgrammingReviews
Author: Donny Wals
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-78646-935-9
Pages: 614
Language: English
Format: PDF/EPUB
Size: 13 Mb


Unlock the full potential of iOS 10 programming with Swift 3.0 to build rich and powerful applications
With usage of apps growing rapidly, mobile application development has become the most sought-after skill set. Within the mobile market, iOS commands a massive presence and is a highly lucrative platform. The goal of our book is to help you become a professional developer by unleashing the full potential of iOS 10 to build applications.
Written with the latest Swift version and following the latest Swift API design guidelines, you won’t just learn how to program for iOS 10-you’ll also learn how to write beautiful, readable, and maintainable Swift code that’s in line with the industry’s best-practices. The progression of the book reflects the real-world development flow: it will quickly brush on the essentials at the beginning and then move on to the advanced concepts crucial to building powerful applications.
Within the book, you will build a couple of small applications that resemble applications you might want to build in the real world. You will be reading a mix of thorough background information and practical examples, so you’ll know how to make use of a certain technique right away while you also get a great understanding of the how and why.
What you will learn

  • Write beautiful Swift code with Protocol-Oriented Programming and best practices
  • Create rich views and layouts with responsive animations and transitions.
  • Handle data, both from the web and offline
  • Integrate with iOS and improve the user experience with app extensions
  • Make sure that your app is of outstanding quality with XCTest
  • Measure and improve performance by using Xcode Instruments
  • Embrace the latest extension features in iOS 10 such as the new rich notifications, SiriKit, and iMessage

This book is for developers who have some experience with iOS and want to take their skills to next level by unlocking the full potential of latest version of iOS with Swift to build impressive applications.


Table of Contents

1. UITableView Touch Up
2.  A Better Layout with UICollectionView
3.  Creating a Contact Detail Page
4.  Immersing Your Users With Animation
5.  Improving Your Code with Value Types
6.  Avoiding Complex Inheritance with Protocols
7.  Refactoring the HelloContacts Application
8.  Adding Core Data to your App
9.  Storing and Querying Data in Core Data
10.  Fetching and Displaying Data from the Network
11.  Being Proactive with Background Fetch
12. Enriching Apps with the Camera, Motion and Location
13.  Displaying Contents of your App in Spotlight
14.  Making the Web and your App Meet through Universal Links
15. Instant Information with a Notification Center Widget
16.  Implementing Rich Notifications
17.  Extending iMessage
18. Integrating Your App with Siri
19. Ensuring App Quality with Tests
20.  Discovering Bottlenecks with Instruments
21.  Offloading Tasks with Operations and GCD
22.  Wrapping Up the Development Cycle and Submitting to the App Store