Learning Aurelia

Learning AureliaReviews
Author: Manuel Guilbault
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-78588-967-7
Pages: 323
Language: English
Size: 10 Mb


Harness the power of the next-generation JavaScript Framework, Aurelia, and start creating apps that really set you apart
Aurelia is one of the most promising new JavaScript frameworks for mobile, desktop, and web, which makes developing powerful, modern web applications a straightforward task. Its power lies in its simplicity and clear workflow that enables developers to build next-generations apps for the web with ease.
From initial structuring to full deployment, this book will serve as a step-by-step guide to develop a modern web application from scratch with the Aurelia framework. In addition to including a comprehensive coverage of various Aurelia framework features, this book will also show you how to utilize these features in the real world to develop a professional single-page web application. You’ll see how to make the most out of Aurelia by understanding the Aurelia workflow and then applying it in real-world development tasks. By the end of the book, you will have learned to develop a clean and maintainable application in Aurelia from scratch.
What You Will Learn

  • Build a modern single-page web application
  • Understand the workflow of an Aurelia application
  • Design reusable web components, which can be shared and integrated into various frameworks and libraries
  • Write clean, modular, and testable code that will be easy to maintain and evolve
  • Use all the latest–and even future–web standards, so the application gathers minimal technical debt

Table of Contents

1: Getting Started
2: Layout, Menu, and Getting Familiar
3: Displaying Data
4: Forms, and How to Validate Them
5: Making Reusable Components
6: Design Concerns – Organizing and Decoupling
7: Test All the Things
8: Internationalization
9: Animations
10: Bundling for Production
11: Integrating with Other Libraries
A: Using JSPM
B: Using Webpack