Java How To Program: Late Objects, 10th Edition

Java How To Program: Late Objects, 10th EditionReviews
Author: Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel
Pub Date: 2014
ISBN: 978-0-13-257565-2
Pages: 1248
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 13 Mb


Java How to Program (Late Objects), Tenth Edition is intended for use in the Java programming course. It also serves as a useful reference and self-study tutorial to Java programming.
The Deitels’ groundbreaking How to Program series offers unparalleled breadth and depth of object-oriented programming concepts and intermediate-level topics for further study. Java How to Program (Late Objects), Tenth Edition, teaches programming by presenting the concepts in the context of full working programs.
The Late Objects Version delays coverage of class development, first presenting control structures, methods and arrays material in a non-object-oriented, procedural programming context.
Teaching and Learning Experience

  • This program presents a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students.
  • Teach Programming with the Deitels’ Signature Live Code Approach: Java language features are introduced with thousands of lines of code in hundreds of complete working programs.
  • Use a Late Objects Approach: The Late Objects Version begins with a rich treatment of procedural programming, including two full chapters on control statements and 200+ exercises.
  • Keep Your Course Current: This edition can be used with Java SE 7 or Java SE 8, and is up-to-date with the latest technologies and advancements.
  • Facilitate Learning with Outstanding Applied Pedagogy: Making a Difference exercise sets, projects, and hundreds of valuable programming tips help students apply concepts.
  • Support Instructors and Students: Student and instructor resources are available to expand on the topics presented in the text.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Computers, the Internet and Java
2 Introduction to Java Applications; Input/Output and Operators
3 Control Statements: Part 1; Assignment, ++ and — Operators
4 Control Statements: Part 2; Logical Operators
5 Methods
6 Arrays and ArrayLists
7 Introduction to Classes and Objects
8 Classes and Objects: A Deeper Look
9 Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance
10 Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism and Interfaces
11 Exception Handling: A Deeper Look
12 GUI Components: Part 1
13 Graphics and Java 2D
14 Strings, Characters and Regular Expressions
15 Files, Streams and Object Serialization
16 Generic Collections
17 Java SE 8 Lambdas and Streams
18 Recursion
19 Searching, Sorting and Big O
20 Generic Classes and Methods
21 Custom Generic Data Structures
22 GUI Components: Part 2
23 Concurrency
24 Accessing Databases with JDBC
25 JavaFX GUI: Part 1
A: Operator Precedence Chart
B: ASCII Character Set
C: Keywords and ReservedWords
D: Primitive Types
E: Using the Debugger