Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey

Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey
Complete Python 3 Masterclass Journey

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eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

Master Python 3! Use story based learning to go from a beginner to being able to create real programs with Python!

This course is designed to take you from a complete beginner in programming all the way to becoming an effective programmer that can use Python to solve real tasks! I’m Jose Portilla and I am the most popular Python instructor on the Udemy platform. I’ve taught Python programming at Fortune 500 companies and I’m very excited to bring the same quality of material to Udemy! Python is used by some of the world’s largest companies to accomplish all kinds of tasks.

This course is also completely different than any other course on Udemy, it incorporates a narrative story that helps engage students and also provides context to the different tasks you have to accomplish. We utilize project based learning to effectively teach Python and give you the skills to put Python on your resume. We have numerous projects and tasks for you to practice what you are learning.

In addition to this we have Question and Answer forums where Teaching Assistants and myself are present to help answer any questions you may have, we also have a chat channel where you can talk to other students to team up on your own projects!

We will cover a lot of topics in this course! Including:

  • Basic Python Data Types such as numbers, variables, lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, and more.
  • Key Control Flow – This is the logic that helps run your code, such as if, elif, and else statements.
  • Loops – We’ll show you how to become an expert user of for loops and while loops so you can effectively program.
  • Functions – You will learn how to create clean, reusable functions that help automate tasks that you repeat.
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) – We will explain OOP in a clear and steady way, helping you master one of Python’s most powerful features.
  • Web Scraping – Learn to use the BeautifulSoup and Requests libraries to perform web scraping.
  • CSV Files – You’ll be able to use Python’s built in csv library to work with csv data with Python.
  • PDF Files – Learn about the PyPDF2 library that allows you to read PDF files pro grammatically.
  • Zip Files – See how Python can zip files and extract information from already compressed zip files.
  • OS Module – Discover how to perform operating system level commands with Python’s os module.
  • Images – You will learn how to edit and resize images with Python.
  • Decryption and Encryption – See how to use the cryptography library with Python to encode and decode encrypted messages.
  • Geographical Mapping – We’ll show you how to use Python in conjunction with the Google Map’s API to plot information on a map!
  • and so much more!
+ Table of Contents

1 Personal Welcome to the Course

3 Welcome to the Institute.
4 Introduction to Recruitment Bootcamp
5 Command Line Basics
6 Python Installation with Anaconda
7 Running Python Code

Recruitment Trials Bootcamp – Python Basics
8 Overview of the Recruitment Trials Bootcamp
9 Conclusion of Working with Python Basics
10 Python Numbers
11 Python Strings
12 Python Lists
13 Python Dictionaries
14 Tuples
15 Python Sets
16 Python Booleans
17 Working with Files with Python

Field Readiness Exam I
18 Introduction to First FRE
19 Overview of Field Readiness Exam I
20 Solution Walkthrough of Field Readiness Exam I

Recruitment Trials Bootcamp – Working with Python
21 Introduction to Part Two of Recruitment Trials
22 Control Flow Basics if elif else
23 While Loops
24 For Loops
25 Useful Python Operators
26 List Comprehensions
27 Conclusion of Working with Python

Field Readiness Exam II
28 Introduction to Second Field Readiness Exam
29 Overview Field Readiness Exam II
30 Quick note on FRE 2 Solutions
31 Field Readiness Exam II Solutions
32 Congratulations on your Second FRE!

Recruitment Trials Bootcamp – Part Three
33 Introduction to Part Three of Recruitment Trials
34 Python Functions
35 Function Tasks
36 Function Task Solutions
37 Nested Statements and Scope
38 Lambda Expressions, Map, and Filter
39 Conclusion of Recruitment Bootcamp Part 3

Hacking Incident
40 Incoming Message from Director Hopper
41 Hacking Incident Overview
42 Hacking Incident Debriefing
43 Message from Director Hopper

Final Recruitment Topics
44 Overview of Final Recruitment Topics
45 name__ and __main__
46 Conclusion Final Recruitment Topics
47 Object Oriented Programming Introduction
48 Object Oriented Programming – Part Two
49 Object Oriented Programming – Part Three
50 Object Oriented Programming – Exercises Overview
51 Object Oriented Programming – Exercises Solutions
52 Error Handling and Exceptions
53 Debugging and Datetime
54 Modules and Packages

Final Field Readiness Exam
55 Introduction to Final FRE – Message from Director Hopper
56 Overview of Final Field Readiness Exam
57 Solution Overview of Final Field Readiness Exam
58 Incoming Message – Welcome Agent!

Operation Rainbow Rogues
59 Overview of Operation Rainbow Rogues

RED Mission – Web Scraping
60 Introduction to Red Mission
61 Note about Installing Beautiful Soup Library
62 Webscraping with Python – Requests and BeautifulSoup
63 Web Scraping with Python – Part One
64 Web Scraping with Python – Part Two
65 RED Mission Overview
66 RED Mission Debrief
67 Conclusion of Red Mission

Orange Mission – Regular Expressions and Reading Files
68 Introduction to Orange Mission
69 Regular Expressions – Part One
70 Regular Expressions – Part Two
71 Regular Expressions – Part Three
72 Reading and Writing to Files with OS
73 Zip Files with Python
74 Orange Mission Overview
75 Orange Mission Debrief
76 Conclusion of Orange Mission

Yellow Mission – Working with CSV Files
77 Introduction to Yellow Mission
78 Working with CSVs with Python
79 Working with PDFs with Python
80 Yellow Mission Overview
81 Yellow Mission Debrief
82 Conclusion of Yellow Mission

Green Mission – Sending Emails with Python
83 Introduction to Green Mission
84 Sending Emails with Python
85 Checking Received Emails with Python
86 Green Mission Overview
87 Green Mission Debrief
88 Conclusion to Green Mission

Blue Mission – Working with Images with Python
89 Introduction to Blue Mission
90 Working with Images using Python
91 Blue Mission Overview
92 Blue Mission Debrief
93 Conclusion of Blue Mission

Indigo Mission – Decryption with Python
94 Introduction to Indigo Mission
95 Introduction to Encryption and Hashing
96 Encryption and Hashing with Python
97 Indigo Mission Overview
98 Indigo Mission Debrief
99 Conclusion of Indigo Mission

Violet Mission – Mapping Out Locations with Python
100 Introduction to Violet Mission
101 Geographical Plotting in Python
102 Violet Mission Overview
103 Violet Mission Debrief

Final Debrief
104 Conclusion of Violet Mission
105 Final Debriefing

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