The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development

The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development
Author: Mark L. Murphy
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9816780-0-9
Pages: 4439
Language: English
Format: PDF/EPUB (ver. 8.8)
Size: 85 Mb


Version 8.8

Do you want current information about how to develop Android apps? This book covers the latest Android Studio version and the latest version of Android, plus all the information you need to get your apps working on older devices. And, with updates coming every couple of months via the Warescription, you will keep up to date.
What’s New in Version 8.8?
Mostly, this update is about Android Studio 3.0 and the corresponding version of the Android Gradle Plugin and Gradle itself. This includes:

  • Updating the tutorials
  • Making major changes to all of the Gradle coverage, both in the core chapters and the trails
  • Adding a new chapter on icons, specifically to explain the new Image Asset Wizard and the adaptive icon stuff
  • Replacing the chapter on dependencies with a brand-new edition
  • Updating all of the places that used Jack-based lambda expressions to use the new native ones, and updating all of the Rx samples to use lambda expressions
  • Updating all the samples to use implementation instead of compile, using flavor dimensions wherever product flavors were used, etc.
  • Making significant changes to some performance tuning chapters to reflect the changes in Android Studio’s profiling tools
  • A few chapters were removed as a result of this. Some were redudant chapters in the Gradle coverage. Also, the Android Things chapter was removed, to not violate the Android Things
  • Console terms of service. And, the chapter on writing reusable components was removed, as it was just scary old.

This update also brings us up to speed with the final release of Android 8.0 and has your usual smattering of other miscellaneous fixes and improvements.
The combination of all of these changes, plus standardizing on “Logcat” instead of “LogCat”, means that there are a lot of sections with updates that will show up in bold-italic in the table of contents.