Angular 2 with Typescript – Essential Training

Angular 2 with Typescript – Essential Training
Angular 2 with Typescript – Essential Training

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eLearning | Skill level: Beginner

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Learn Angular 2 from the ground up | This course combines a Project, Slides and Quizzes | Perfect for beginners

Updated for latest version of Angular 2

Learn all the essentials of building Angular 2 applications right here.

This is a beginner level course aimed at those new to Angular 2 and Typescript. No previous knowledge of either is required before starting this course.

This course combines slides, projects and quizzes in a clear, concise and engaging way to guide you through the core concepts of Angular 2 and Typescript.

You will gain a solid foundation for building real-world applications following best practices and the Angular 2 style guide. This includes how to build components, create shared services, navigate between views, manage data, and managing user and system events.

Each section will contain an introduction to a new concept. Followed by a slide-based presentation to get you familiar with the concept, and then an example inside of our application to cement your understanding.

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to to build Angular applications with many real-world features. As a result, you will feel empowered to go out into the wild and start creating your own Angular 2 applications!

What you’ll learn:

  • Typescript
  • Components
  • Pipes
  • Data Binding
  • NgModules
  • Routing
  • Input/Output
  • HTTP
  • Observables
+ Table of Contents

1 Welcome to the Course

Getting Started
2 Intro to Getting Started
3 What is AngularJS
4 Why Angular 2
5 Language Options
6 Benefits of Typescript
Section 2 Quiz.html

Angular 2 Setup
7 Intro to Setup
8 Developer Environment
9 Starter Files Setup
10 Understanding Modules
Section 3 Quiz.html

11 NgModules Introduction
12 NgModules Explained
13 Bootstrapping Our App
Section 4 Quiz.html

14 Components Intro
15 Why Components
16 App Component Explored
17 Composing Components
18 Components as Directives
19 Hiding Our Javascript Files
20 Updating our App

Data Binding
21 Data Binding Intro
22 One-Way Data Binding
23 One-Way Binding in Our App
24 2-Way Data Binding
25 2-Way Binding in Our App
26 Event Binding
27 Event Binding in Our App

28 Directives Intro
29 Attributes Directive
30 NgIf
31 NgFor
32 NgClass

33 Pipes Intro
34 Built-in Pipes
35 Custom Pipes

36 Interface Intro
37 Interface Explained
38 Using Interfaces
39 Interface Example in Our App

Lifecycle Hooks
40 Lifecycle Hooks Intro
41 Lifecycle Hooks Explained
42 Lifecycle Hooks Example

Input Output
43 Input and Output Intro
44 Input Explained
45 Input Example
46 Output Explained
47 Output Example
48 Favorite Component

49 Services Intro
50 Services Explained
51 Constructor
52 Services Example

HTTP and Observables
53 Intro to Section
54 Observables Explained
55 Http in Angular 2
56 Http with Observables in our App
57 HTTP Solution

Setup Revisited
58 Setup Revisited – Part 1
59 Setup Revisited – Part 2